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Isabel Conklin (ex-girlfriend/crush/fling)

'Cam Cameron' is a minor character in The Summer Series. He is a supporting character in the first novel of the series, The Summer I Turned Pretty, as Belly's summer love interest and first love and boyfriend. This is the only novel he is seen in, although he is referenced to and mention a few times after this.


He is shown to be a very friendly guy when Belly introduces herself to him at a party and is something of the book-ish type, admitting to her how he wanted to leave a party to go study books on whales. While talking, it is learned that he is a vegetarian, being "morally opposed to eating animals", never drinks alcohol and is less than wild. This being seen when Belly, during a wild impulse, wants to go skinny dipping and he becomes too scared that someone may see them (even though it was dark) and tells her "maybe later" although it is clear that he didn't mean it. He later leaves her a note saying he "owed her one skinny dip", a promise never fullfilled.

Cam later admits that he has known Belly since grade school and has always had a crush on her since the moment he saw her, saying how he thought she was "the prettiest girl he had ever seen", even nearly messing up a school contest so she could win instead. He tried talking to her many times, but never had the courage to approach her and introduce himself. The two date throughout the novel, but Belly realizes that despite generally liking him, he just isn't the guy meant for her. 

He makes his final appearance in the series leaving a voice message on Belly's phone asking if she wants to stay in contact after summer, but if she doesn't then "it was nice hanging out with her". Belly never calls him back, realizing it just wasn't meant to be between them. He is mentioned two more times as a summer memory (and her first fling) for Belly.  


  • He had a crush on Belly since grade school starting the first moment he saw her and always viewed her as one of the popular girls at their school. He later admits to her that he never forgot her since he thought she was "the prettiest girl he had ever seen". 
  • Cam is known to be extremely nervous and shy, even awkwardly asking Belly if he can kiss her instead of just doing it. This trait of his annoys Belly since she wanted him to be more forward with her in their relationship. 
  • He was Belly's first summer fling as well as her (technical) first kiss. 
  • Cam is shown to be somewhat chaste during his relationship with Belly. Various explamples are when he hesitates to kiss Belly, doesn't make a move on her whatsoever when going to a drive in (a place known for hooking up) and almost freaking out when she wanted to skinny dip with him at night and making an excuse not to do it. 

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