"I see you again and everything I planned goes to shit. It's impossible... I love Jere more than anybody. He's my brother, my family. I hate myself for doing this. But when I see you two together, I hate him too... Don't marry him. Don't be with him. Be with me."

Conrad, opening up to Belly, We'll Always Have Summer

Conrad Fisher


Conrad Fisher


17 - 20 (throughout series)

26 est. (epilogue of third novel)








Susannah Fisher (mother, deceased)
Adam Fisher (father)
Jeremiah Fisher (brother)



Significant Others

Aubrey (ex-girlfriend, prior to Book 1)
Agnes (fling, Book 3)
Isabel Conklin (ex-girlfriend/in love with, Books 1-3/wife, Book 3 epilogue)

Conrad Fisher is a main character and protagonist of The Summer  I Turned Pretty series. He is the eldest son of Susannah and Adam Fisher and older brother of Jeremiah as well as a love interest towards Belly, whom he secretly is in love with. He is known to push his loved ones aside and to keep all of his emotions and feelings inside and rarely, if not ever, expresses them.

It is not until We'll Always Have Summer that he finally begins to reveal his true inner feelings instead of choosing to keep them hidden. It is stated several times throughout the series that Conrad wants to become a doctor and in We'll Always Have Summer, Belly states that Conrad has begun working in a medical lab.

NOTE: This page contains spoilers for the trilogy.

Appearance and Personality

Conrad is shown to be very quiet, brooding and deep. He is something of a introvert, never being loud and outspoken like his brother Jeremiah. He hardly, if ever, speaks his voice and opinions; always keeping his most innermost thoughts to himself. He is known to push away his loved ones aside and is thus seen as an "asshole" for his impassive and seemingly emotionless actions. Susannah, his mother, has even said that if her sons kept a diary, she would be most tempted to read Conrad's since he "always keeps everything locked inside" and that no one, including her, ever knows what he is truly feeling.

Physically, Conrad is described as being "dark, dark, dark" with a "smirky kind of mouth".  By The Summer I Turned Pretty, he had grown to be tall with his hair cut short around his ears and "dark as ever". 

Unlike his brother Jeremiah, he spends most of his time playing his guitar and alone rather "on the football field". However, he has said that he loved the sport and gained considerable recognition through his hometown for his talent in it. He is most popular among the girls for his good looks and being seen as hard to get. This is seen with Taylor upon her first visit to Cousins Beach. 

Despite his usual cold give off, Conrad is eventually seen to actually being very vulnerable and constantly looking out for his friends and loved ones, willing to do whatever it takes to make them happy even at the cost of his own. This is most considerably seen when he lies to Jeremiah about his feelings for Belly and pushing her toward him, trusting Jeremiah to take good care of her. This also being for his belief that, if he had kept her, it would only end in him hurting her again. His feelings for his loved ones happiness is especially seen in We'll Always Have Summer when he keeps his feelings quiet for the sake of Jeremiah and Belly's engagement due to his promise to his late mother that he would look after the both of them. Also, he goes out of his way to help Belly with her wedding and patching things up between her and Laurel due to their disagreement over her engagement.

Conrad finally speaks up about his own feelings in We'll Always Have Summer when he grows tired of putting other people's happiness ahead of his own. This taking place after he discovers how Jeremiah cheated on Belly, therefore going against the very reason he decided to let him to have her, leaving him furious. He finally decides to confess his long hidden and repressed feelings to Belly. This, in which, is known to be one of the most emotional scenes in the trilogy.

He openly cries while begging Belly not to marry Jeremiah, even tightly wrapping his arms around her while pleading for her to be with him instead, desperately asking if she still loved him at all. This is shown to be the highest amount of emotion Conrad has ever openly displayed in front of someone. He even later comments on the scene, saying he laid himself "fucking bare" to Belly.

The Summer I Turned Pretty 

In the pilot book of the trilogy, Belly arrives at Cousins for yet another summer with Susannah and her two sons, the eldest of the two, Conrad and the younger one, Jeremiah. It becomes clear the second Belly steps out of the car to approach the boys, that they finally see her no longer as Steven's little sister, but as a girl now. Belly has always had a crush on Conrad since she was little, but will something bloom with her and Jeremiah? She starts things with a boy name Cam Cameron as Jeremiah would say. But she realizes things won't work out so she breaks things off with him in the end of the novel. 

It's Not Summer Without You

After her relationship with Conrad crashed and burned and Susannah's cancer finally killed her, Belly is left with a first summer in her home town instead of at Cousins. However when Jeremiah calls Belly telling her Conrad's gone missing, she finds herself at Cousins once again. Can the three finally patch their wounds up and mend things after Susannah's tragic death and form a life without her? And who will Belly end up with this time? Meanwhile, Jeremiah is growing tired of burying his feelings for Belly. He decided to let Conrad have her the first time, but will he be so kind this time? Or will he finally take what he's wanted all along? 

In the end, Jeremiah makes his feelings known to her, kissing her in his car. Belly finds herself kissing him back and when things start getting heated - Conrad walks in on them with a rather pale struck face, but walks away from the scene. Belly flees after him and Conrad's on the verge of fury when he turns to face her. They argue and Belly in the end runs from the scene, finally realizing that Conrad will never admit to loving her. 

At a motel when raining gets too heavy to drive home, Conrad tells Jeremiah while Belly is in the shower that he can have Belly and insists to him that he's over her. This results in Belly and Jeremiah getting together in their car ride home together while Conrad calls a friend to pick him up. The tension finally eases and Belly and Jeremiah are left truly believing that Conrad is finally over Belly and they can all move on in their lives... 

What they don't know is that Conrad had lied and is more than still in love with Belly and is nowhere near getting over her.

We'll Always Have Summer 

In the summer finale, Belly is going well in her ongoing relationship with Jeremiah. Things seem to be going perfect in the two years that have passed since the events of the previous novel - until she discovers Jeremiah cheated on her and slept with another girl on his school break. Belly is angered and horrified when discovering this and spends days literally in bed crying. Jeremiah pleads with Belly for forgiveness insisting his tryst meant nothing to him and that he loves her. In an act to prove his guilt, he proposes to her to which Belly hesitantly accepts.

The two soon think their life is going to be perfect after moving past his mistake. But what they don't know is the family isn't going to be as happy about the couple's plans for marriage as they are. Especially Conrad. Meanwhile, Conrad has not gotten over his mistake and has been regretting his decision to let Jeremiah have Belly and is more than still in love with her. After Laurel and Belly have a fall out about her and Jere's engagement, Belly is rendered no choice but to stay at Cousins until her wedding with Jeremiah... where Conrad is also living at. The arrangement slowly surfaces old feelings between the two and Belly is left questioning if she has ever truly gotten over Conrad and if marrying Jeremiah is truly the right thing to do.


Isabel "Belly" Conklin

He has been Belly's crush since early childhood, a fact well known by everyone. Even though he is fond of her due to growing up with her, he never returned the feelings. Despite his character being something of a jerk or "asshole" to everyone due to never expressing his true feelings and keeping it all bottled in, it is hinted at throughout the novel that he has developed feelings for Belly. This is implied when he shows several examples of getting either overly protective or jealous when guys begin flirting with her. Due to Belly wanting to explore the party scene and her romantic options with boys, this annoys her and leads to several arguments and tension between the two. However, at the end of the novel, he gets together with her.

However, by It's Not Summer Without You, their relationship proves to be short lived when Conrad's unstable emotions following Susannah's illness and death suddenly ends their relationship on a sour note. In spite of their crash and burned relationship, Conrad still shows several - although mixed - signals of still harboring feelings for Belly. Despite his strong feelings for her, Conrad refuses to act on them since he knows that after enduring the loss of his mother as well as his father's emotional abuse, he is unable to be what Belly emotionally needs. He lies to his brother about being over Belly and allows him to take his fair chance with her, wanting to focus on his brother's happiness as well as Belly's. During the years afterwards, he focuses on fixing his own personal issues and letting the two be happy.

In the third and final novel, We'll Always Have Summer, Belly and Conrad have not seen each other in two years following the previous novel. While Conrad still wishes for Belly and Jeremiah to be happy, seeing them together greatly pains him. Upon the two making their announcement of their engagement, Conrad is the only one who remains totally impassive in terms of reaction and does not look at Belly when he leaves. However, due to her mother kicking her out of the house, Belly stays at Cousins Beach until her wedding day. She soon discovers that Conrad is staying there as well and the housing situation causes old and buried feelings to re-surface between the two.

Conrad does his best to stay away from Belly, but finds himself struggling to resist his true feelings for her. He ends up helping her with her wedding planning since Jeremiah pretty much leaves it all to her, but the time they spend together doing this only serves to increase the lingering romantic tension between the two. Soon enough, Conrad finds himself emotionally conflicted regarding his relationship with Belly as well his true feelings about her engagement to his brother.

After finding out that Jeremiah cheated on Belly during his bachelor party, Conrad is left outraged since he thought Jeremiah would take care of Belly and abruptly leaves to calm down. Unable to deny his love for her any longer, Conrad meets back up with Belly along the beach and passionately declares his love for her. He admits that despite everything, he feels that she is the only girl he will ever truly love and it is how he has always felt about her. Despite his heartfelt confession, Belly brutally rejects him - stating he is too late.

When Jeremiah finds out about his brother's confession, Conrad and him get into an intense fight over their love triangle with Belly. This ultimately results in Jeremiah disowning Conrad as his brother. After his violent confrontation with his brother, Conrad says goodbye to Belly to give themselves time apart. Before leaving, he gives her the infinity necklace he failed to give to her years prior (during The Summer I Turned Pretty) along with saying that he will always love her - declaring that loving her was worth all the trouble. After giving her a kiss on the forehead, he leaves. After this, Conrad and Belly stay apart for three years (though begin to letter write to each other after the first year while she is in Spain for her studies).

During the time period Conrad began writing letters to Belly, she did not initially respond to his letters. After seeing that she was not going to answer, he soon begs for her to write him back and admits that he needed to hear from her desperately. After he does so, she begins writing him back. After this, it is implied they remained in contact through their letters to each other. He shows up at her college graduation, resulting in their reunion as a couple again. He proposes to her after being in a relationship with her for about a year - if not little over - afterwards. The epilogue shows the couple just happily married with Belly as his wife, starting a new life for the newlyweds, marking the end of the series.


  • “He was marrying my girl, and I couldn’t do anything about it. I just had to watch it happen, because he was my brother, because I promised. Take care of him, Connie. I’m counting on you .”
  • “I’m sorry for screwing everything up."
  • "I love Jere more than anybody. He's my brother, my family. I hate myself for doing this. But when I see you two together, I hate him too."
  • "Don't stay out here too late. You never know what kind of monsters come out at night."
  • "Fine. We'll be sure to have lots of fun without you."
  • "Do you remember infinity?"
  • “I hated to leave her and I hated to be near her, because she made me remember what I wanted most to forget.” 
  • “I never once cheated on you. I never even looked at another girl when we were together.”
  •  “I still love you.”
  • “I would rather have had someone shoot me in the head with a nail gun, repeatedly, than have to watch the two of them cuddling on the couch together all night."
  • "Are you still coming with me?"
  • "Good night Belly."
  • “What now with you and Jeremiah or with you and me?” 
  • “I need you to know that no matter what happens, it was worth it to me. Being with you, loving you. It was all worth it.” 
  • “I punched my hand through the water. I wanted to kick his ass. 'This is between me and Belly.' Smug piece of shit."
  • “Who the hell is Corky Wheeler?” 
  • “Yup. She’s my girlfriend."
  • "You can't put love on a scale. Either you are or you aren't."
  • "Wait!"
  • "When you were really little, you hated carrots. You wouldn't eat them. But then I told you that if you ate carrots, you'd get X-ray vision. And you believed me. You believed everything I said." 
  • "It's not all of a sudden. It's always." 
  • “I laid myself fucking bare last night! I put it all out there, and you shut me down. Rightfully so. I get that I shouldn’t have said any of that stuff to you."
  • "Don't marry him. Don't be with him. Be with me."
  • "I knew I had to be careful. I had to keep my distance."
  • "You broke my heart last night, all right? Is that what you want to hear?”
  • "If she knew how much I still cared, it was all over. I wouldn’t be able to walk away again. The first time was hard enough.” 
  • "Earlier when I said I never wanted you. I didn't mean it."
  • "I thought your specialty was cocoa."
  • "Not interested."
  • "Now go back to bed like a good girl."
  • “I don’t know if I’ll ever get you out of my system, not completely. I have… this feeling. That you'll always be there." 
  • "Don't give her that. She's a kid for God's sake."
  • "I go where you go." (final line in series)


  • Conrad is shown to be very much an introvert, always keeping his emotions tightly held in. Various characters, including his own mother Susannah, comment on how no one ever truly knows what he is actually feeling.
  • He tans easily.
  • He held a talent at football before giving up the sport, even gaining high recognition in his hometown. Everyone wondered why he suddenly quit given his talent and love for it, to which he claimed it got boring. However, in We'll Always Have Summer, he reveals that he quit because his father loved his success in the sport. Due to how his father frequently mistreated Susannah and had a rather selfish and abusive personality, Conrad wished to distance himself as far from his father as possible.
  • Conrad briefly began smoking in The Summer I Turned Pretty before appearing to have quit by the end of the novel. He is not mentioned to have smoked since.
  • He hates sugary drinks.
  • Despite being very quiet, Conrad is shown to be very much aware of everything going on around him and remembers everything even years later. In a flashback taking place in the first novel, Belly even takes note of how Conrad is the type of to know "the neighbor's dog had more crust in its left eye than its right".
  • After his mother developed and died of breast cancer, Conrad decided to become a doctor and began working in a medical lab when older.
  • Conrad dated a girl named Aubrey who was considered to be his first serious relationship and the first girl he loved. However, Susannah wrote in a final letter left for Conrad that she personally ever saw him genuinely in love once - with Belly. This, in which, he later confirmed when revealing that he has always loved Belly and that he believes she is the only person he will ever love or can truly be with.
  • He and Jeremiah are shown to initially have had a close relationship as brothers. However, after both boys developed romantic feelings for Belly, a wedge was driven between them that gradually increased throughout the trilogy. This eventually resulted in a violent confrontation between the two brothers in the final novel, where both boys began furiously fighting over who loved and deserved Belly more, ending with Jeremiah disowning Conrad as a brother. Some readers were left upset at this since the book did not specify if their relationship ever healed. However, in bonus content in the paperback edition of We'll Always Have Summer, the readers got to see the letters Conrad wrote for Belly during her time in Spain. In one letter, Conrad revealed that he eventually met back up with Jeremiah during a dinner at Laurel's house. Despite things initially being awkward between them, the two began talking again. Conrad tells Belly that he believes Jeremiah "doesn't hate [him] anymore". Given that Jeremiah is also seen at Conrad and Belly's wedding in the epilogue of the final book, it can be left to be assumed their relationship had healed.