Laurel Conklin


Lauren Conklin


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Steven Conklin (son)
Isabel Conklin (daughter)
Conrad Fisher (son-in-law)

Significant Others

Mr. Conklin (ex-husband)

Laurel Conklin is Belly and Steven's mother and the former wife of their father, whom she divorced early on in her children's lives. She is Susannah's life long best friend and the two are shown to be very close like sisters. 

Laurel can be seen to be very rigid and desperate to have the relationship with Belly that her daughter had with her best friend Susannah and is something of a second motherly figure to her best friend's sons, Conrad and Jeremiah. Her best friend's death, due to a lifelong battle with cancer, is a major blow to her and she struggles to come to terms with accepting her friend's death almost the hardest. Eventually, she learns to cope with Susannah's absence in her life and to move forward in her life. 

Appearance and Personality

Laurel is described is shown to be outspoken yet rigid and sensitive as well. She isn't afraid to speak her mind when she wants to such as outright calling Adam a "asshat" when he wrongly yelled at Jeremiah or slapping Belly when she is pushed to her limit (although this has only happened once in the entire series). 


In We'll Always Have Summer, she becomes furious when Belly and Jeremiah announce their engagement at Susannah's anniversary service of her death, bluntly even asking Belly if she is pregnant. When she and Jeremiah honsetly reveal they just wish to be married, she becomes enraged at their choice to marry so young. After several failed attempts to convince the couple to wait, even offering to allow them to move in together at an apartment or house, she goes as far as refusing to show up for the wedding and kicking Belly out of the house. Despite not agreeing with her daughter's intentions for marriage, Conrad manages to convince her to make amends with Belly by insisting Belly wasn't okay with thei wedge between them and even overheard her crying late at night. She then shows up at her wedding shower and hugs Belly, making amends. 


Laurel is shown to be kind and caring towards almost all of the characters throughout the series. She has close relationships Steven, Belly, Conrad and Jeremiah. Kids are told to like her because she treats them like equal adults. 

Isabel Conklin 

Isabel "Belly" is her second child and only daughter. She is shown to be desperate to have the relationship with Belly as she has with Susannah, which is very close and intimate. She can struggle to understand Belly, but very much makes an effort to be close with her. 

Steven Conklin

The relationship between her and Steven is not explored due to his minor role in the series, but the two can be shown to have a very typical mother/son relationship. 


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