The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy

NOTE: Spoilers for those who have yet to read the hit trilogy by Jenny Han!

The Summer I Turned Pretty Trilogy, (or sometimes known as "The Summer Series") written by international best selling author Jenny Han and published by Simone and Schuster. The famous trilogy has been on the bestseller's list for over a month.

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Belly has always lived for the summertime because it means all of her favorite things: swimming, the beach, and  the Fisher boys, Conrad and Jeremiah. She has spent every summer with them for as long as she can remember. She has always been in love with Conrad and finally, one summer, it almost seems like he might have feelings for her too. But it turns out... so does Jeremiah. As the summers go on, Belly must choose between two boys and a summer fling who love her as she comes to one realization... she'll have to break a few hearts. 

The book series has been a national bestseller with the final installment of the series, We'll Always Have Summer having been on the bestseller list for over a month. Below are some fan made photos of scenes from the series. Go the image gallery to see all of them!

Books in the Series

Main Characters

Isabel "Belly" Conklin - The main character, protagonist and narrator in the series. She is the daughter of Laurel and younger sister of Steven. She is headstrong yet equally fragile and has a passion for swimming and being in water - feeling most peaceful when she is in it. She considers Cousins Beach and her summer family - Susannah and brothers Conrad and Jeremiah - her true home in life and greatly treasures her time there with them. She considers Susannah to be more of a motherly figure in her life than her own mother, Laurel, and her death hits her very hard. She has also been known to have had a crush on Conrad since she was young and, despite many attempts, cannot seem to ever forget about him. Despite her feelings for Conrad, she realizes she has developed feelings for Jeremiah. Not long after, she finds herself in a rather intense love triangle with both brothers. By the third and final novel, she begins to realize and accept that she must choose between the two brothers and end the love triangle once and for all. 

Conrad Fisher - The eldest son of Susannah and Adam Fisher and the older brother of Jeremiah. He is known to keep all of his emotions and feelings inside and rarely, if ever, expresses them. In the first book, his character is something of an "asshole" to everyone, having spent the summer throughout the novel getting drunk and locked in his room. It is suspected, however, that he has newfound feelings for Belly when showing several signs of getting either overly protective or jealous when guys begin flirting with her, having finally noticed her. Despite his strong feelings for her, he has trouble handling his negative emotions regarding his family drama - his mother's illness and eventual death as well as his father's emotional abuse - which proves to greatly hinder his relationship with Belly. In We'll Always Have Summer, a whole new aspect of Conrad is displayed, revealing his more vulnerable side and his simple goal to make those he loves happy as well as his long hidden yet passionate feelings towards Belly.

Jeremiah "Jere" Fisher - The supposed golden boy of the Fisher family and Conrad's younger brother. He is a good friend towards Belly and a loving brother to Conrad. He deeply loves his mother, Susannah, and was considered something of the mama's boy between him and Conrad due to always showing affection towards her that was considered childish for his age, such as holding her hand. He also loved their father, Adam, despite his mistreatment of their family and did not want to admit that his dad wasn't that good of a person. Like his brother, he falls for Belly in the first novel and wants to get together with her. However, he reluctantly steps aside so his brother could pursue her instead. However, he eventually grows tired of burying his feelings and tells Conrad that he truly likes Belly and wants his fair chance with her. By the third book, his character goes through a rather ugly transformation, making a mistake that causes a series of dramatic events in the final novel.

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Possible TV Series

See: The Summer I Turned Pretty TV series

Jenny Han had revealed sometime in 2011, that a movie script is in the works by a "very talented screenwriter," as described by Han. She told fans though that she cannot reveal anymore information and no more had been given after that. However, in early February of 2013 it was announced that the book trilogy is being made into a TV show after the rights to the novels were officially nabbed by Lionsgate Television productions. By 2018, it appears that the television program is no longer going through with Han commenting that the script had been waited on too long. It is still always possible for a Television show to go through if given enough popularity and publicity.
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